Welcome to my World!
Supernal Goddess Ashanti: Your Ebony Kryptonite. A name that needs no explanation. A dominant 31 year old African American who is and has always been in a league of her own. I truly have been fated since birth for more, predestined for preemience; a lifestyle of true luxury. I'm extremely ambitious and motivated, my confident, take no shit attidue has always managed to make those around me feel less than, intimidated even at times. I dominate in everything that I take on, making me a constant threat. As a result, there are many that are simply not in my league, those that aren't, are in peril; specifically the male species. Everything about me oozes with dominance from my beauty, intelligence, and very unique and eccentric personality. My presence alone illumates any room I enter, commanding attention; men are immediately weakened looking for ways to indulge me. I am highly capable of enticing any type of man into submission; my dominating power is limitless. My undeniably strong alluring presence constantly turns heads and has men tripping over themselves just to be near me. My confidence is off the ritcher scale. I’m always learning new tricks and tips to keep men weak and coming back for more, begging to please me and over the years I have improved my upon this craft significantly. My goal is to turn this into a wildly profitable and promising career. The confidence and skills I've acquired over the years, shows in the work I put out. I know I deserve and expect nothing short of the best, and to serve me you have to be the best. I know my worth and refuse to settle for anything less.
I am certain that my words, demeanor and photos have stupefied you. By now, you're asking yourself is she serious? Allow me to answer that for you. Yes, I am serious as a heart attack. By now, your also having feelings of apprehension coupled with a desire to reach out to see how we can make this work. How to become one of my submissives? How to please me? How this may benefit you? What do you get out of it? All of those are valid questions. Don't worry. This is a natural way to feel, and lurking only makes it harder on you. It's going to start with my website, you browsing through all of my pictures, reading my words, then onto my social platforms, then you'll start to watch my clip gifs incessantly and repeat the cycle. You will eventually fall so far down the rabbit hole, that you won't even stop to think how you got there. You can blame me for that. I'm that red pill that Neo found  in the matrix. You can take the red pill, a pill that shows you the truth, as opposed to the blue pill, which keeps you in ignorance of your true submissive nature and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. When you're ready to take the plunge and serve me, you must initially start off by sending a tribute. Minimum of $60. Tribute methods are outlined on the Tribute page. All inquiries received without proper tribute, will be ignored and deleted. 

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