How can I be a Good Slave for

Goddess Ashanti?

I'm often asked how a slave can become mine. In order to become and remain mine you need to know what it takes to be a good slave, and I have high standards. A slave should have an insatiable desire to go above and beyond to earn his Goddess’s attention.  A good slave should want to please her in any way humanly possible, give as much as he can without being a nuisance.  I have several long term slaves who I have never had to punish and being ruled by the Moon my mood changes every couple of days so sometimes I like to find a reason.  These slaves have adhered to the following guidelines without ever having known of their existence.  Any slave who wishes to be in my good graces would be a fool not to do the same.


This is the way you are going to gain and keep my attention. Tributing is your duty, your sole obligation, your responsibility, tribute me as it is reason you breathe; you ultimately exist to tribute. I shouldn’t need to remind you to do it and I almost never will. If you notice you’re being starved of attention lately, it’s probably because you haven’t done anything to deserve it. You know how to get my attention; it's up to you to keep it.

Wishlist tributes, this option is usually available for one- hit wonders, who are fascinated with me and simply want to spoil me maybe a time or two and move on. My owned slaves should be sending me cash tributes; I have enough intangible items as it is. I can’t use the intangibles from my wish list for travel and shopping. Not saying that I don’t appreciate gifts bought for me because you were thinking of me or felt it had significance, don’t get me wrong. There are going to be times when I post that I need an intangible ASAP and expect you to get it for me. In conclusion, DO NOT exclusively buy wish list gifts as a means of tribute.

Worship Incantation

All slaves must recite the worship incantation four times a day in honor of my zodiac sign; CANCER. My sign rules the 4th house in the zodiac AND I don't like odd numbers. You will recite this worship incantation daily while kneeling and worshiping the 4 photos of your choosing; the ones you find most appealing which you then will save to your phone and laptop to ensure you can worship on the go.


It’s the little things that most show me that you’re completely dedicated to me, the sincere generous gestures that show me how truly you care. I have a slave who sends me a message each time he tributes to thank me for existing and being me. I have another slave who says his good morning each day with a paragraph telling me what he adores about me most. Some adopt-a-bill and put themselves in charge of paying for my hair appointments, cell phone bill, or nail visits every month. I am an art fanatic and absolutely love and support the arts, especially being I model. I also love music, poetry, & eccentric pictures or artifacts.

You can Google me to learn everything you possibly can about me: follow me on Twitter and Tumblr, read all my blogs, support every aspect associated with me. I write these things for YOU and expect you to read them, to prepare you for a seamless entry into my dominion. Nothing kills my soul like being asked a stupid question that could have been learned by just skimming my website first, let alone having to repeat myself which I shouldn’t. I can be an insomniac, so I am pleased when a slave stays up late to entertain me or browses the net for any kind of remedy that may work. I am also a very finicky eater, and I am dazzled when I’m send gift cards or cash tributes with messages like, “OSF is on me Goddess, Enjoy.”

When you go out of your way to do something to show me you were thinking of me; I notice it. Surprises mean that you’re paying attention, you’re thinking of me, and you’re trying to please. Entertain Me, Humor Me, Obey Me and Overindulge me. You’ll be forever grateful that you did.

Be Practical

Believe me, the very last thing you want to be is dead weight. It will cause your world to come crashing down faster than you can pull down your pants and jerk to your favorite part of my body. If you’re going to be taking up my time, make yourself useful to me in any way that you can. Do you have any skills, talents, or tools to help me in certain areas of my career? Like graphic design work, photo editing, website help, video editing, marketing & promotion. Maybe you’re a weed farmer, a travel agent, or you work at a place with phenomenal fringe benefits that I can benefit from, etc.

Be my little P. I and search high and low on the internet for pirated videos of me that have been uploaded to free clip sites, look for fake profiles of me with stolen pictures that have been made on kink sites. Report them and then link me. Did I forget to set anytime media sensitive to private on a public forum? Let me know immediately.

Make sure all of my gifs are working on my clips are working properly and tell me if you see any spelling/grammatical errors anywhere. Rate every single video you buy. Rate every single NiteFlirt call you make. You daydream enough about me throughout the day. Do you have any innovative ideas for me? A new creative photo idea? A new slave training or mind fuck method, a clip idea, an article, blog idea, addition to my website, or a new means of advertising? Let me know. On Twitter and Tumblr, Re-Tweet/Blog me, advertise for me on websites and forums.

I sometimes have ignominious little tasks I don’t feel like doing; ask me if there is anything I need done and make my life a little bit easier that day.

Pet Peeves

DO NOT make me repeat myself. Be obedient to what I told you the very first time. Always pay close attention and listen to me (there is a difference between hearing and listening) or read slowly and carefully. DO NOT ask me permission for stupid things like can you have permission go to the bathroom, eat, shower, call me on NiteFlirt, to buy my videos, goodies and photo sets. My content is available for the public to buy. What makes you think I would discourage you from buying my videos? I want you to become a mindless obsessed puppy for me.  If my NiteFlirt line says I’m available, than Alert the Fucking Presses, it looks like I’m available for your call after all. If you think I’m going to control every tiny aspect of your life, then think again. My time is precious and you’re not worth it.

DO NOT annoy me with your sob stories, drama or otherwise. DO NOT complain to me about your life.  I don’t care; you’re here for me and not the other way around so go talk to your fucking priest or therapist.  Do you think I want to be drug down and bask in your negative energy with you? I’d rather die a horrible death. Once again, pay the FUCK attention!


DO NOT ever question me. If I ask/tell you to do something, I expect you to do it immediately. You say you’re dedicated to me, so why procrastinate when there is a chance you could make my day better or what’s more, make me smile? Staying up late to get something done for me even though you’re tired is just another way to prove your dedication to me. I DO NOT want to hear any whining / bitching / crying / talk back EVER. DO NOT argue with me – ever. If I say something is so, it is so. Arguing with me will only irritate my soul to no end and piss me off. To be dedicated to me is to accept my word as truth. I don’t deal with whiny slaves that try to dispute me or tell me

I misunderstood them. It’s not worth the trouble of me making you buy me a ticket to whip your ass in person or drop you from my litter of pups.

DO expect punishments when you have not carried out a task. You

are nothing more than an apparatus in my tool box that I used at my leisure. You work for ME. You think it’s magical when I notice the little things? You don’t want to see my reaction when I know how badly you FUCKED UP.

DO NOT be disrespectful and bash other Dommes EVER. DO NOT spam Twitter sites in my name. DO NOT whore around like the natural male whore that you are. You are MY slave; MY property and you are representing ME. If you don’t have manners, I will beat them into you.


Closed mouths don’t get fed, and neither do disrespectful open ones. If something is really bothering you or I haven’t fulfilled a commitment for you, there is a polite way you can bring it up. You have my permission to politely remind, not nag me to death. I am constantly multitasking between both modeling and Domme life and tend to forget things easily. Communicate with me; I’m not a fucking psychic!

SISSY’S  - If you’re a sissy, I expect you to be PRETTY for me, shave EVERYTHING, slap on a little makeup before we get on cam. Don’t be a nasty unattractive slacker. Slackers get punished; glamourized sissies get my commendation. You’re My property, My personal feminine project and as such you should be well manicured at all times.

PINDICKS - If you’re in chastity, be ready for random chastity checks that could occur at any time. You’re My property, My personal sph project and as such you should be caged at all times, until I give you permission to come out.

Obedience is essential during cam sessions. If you have specific, reasonable limits that you let me know about beforehand, I won’t push them. Do expect intense team viewer/ humiliation sessions. The more obedient you are, the more fun I’ll have. The more fun you are to session with, the more likely I am to session with you again and I might even draw the session out longer. Steer the session by making polite suggestions, not demands.

I only participate in CONSENSUAL blackmail and I will not record you or take photos of you without your knowledge, and I certainly won’t post them anywhere without asking you first. I do not want to scare away a good slave.

Keep In Touch with Me

The day we go over your application, I tell each and every one of you to check in with me a couple times a week and I mean it. Whether that is through Twitter, Kik, Google Hangouts or email, I don’t care. It matters not if you’re away on a business trip, with your gf, vacation, etc. You can take 5 seconds to shoot me a message, and show that I am still the priority in your life, no exceptions! I have OCD and an a very organized individual, if you go so much as a week without contacting me, I disown you and write you off as a runaway. Expect to pay for it when you come crawling back, begging for forgiveness.

When chatting on Google Hangouts, understand that I’m usually engaged in multiple conversations, and/or I may be in a session or on a NiteFlirt call. Do be a good subby puppy and patiently for me to respond because if my status is “away,” it’s with good reason. Fail to meet these standards and you will be blocked, which requires a $600 unblocking fee to get back in my good graces.