All slaves must recite the following worship incantation four times a day in honor of my zodiac sign. My sign rules the 4th house in the zodiac and

I don't like odd numbers. You will recite this incantation while kneeling and worshiping the 4 photos of your choosing; the ones you find most appealing which you then will save to your phone and laptop to ensure you can worship on the go.

Goddess Ashanti I humbly kneel before you today and give thanks for the rare, supernal, superior female being that YOU are:

Your unquestionable ebony birthright,

natural dominance, Your flawless beauty, Your unparalleled intelligence, sophistication and superlatively alluring ways.

I pray that I will be and will continue to be

of use to YOU in any way I can.

I hope that I will be able to be a part of Your perfect world, and understand, hope and accept

that it is only through loyal servitude, devotion

and dedication through my willing and prompt obedience. My only desire is to be of use to You through my selfless giving and service, in the hope that one day it might cause the corners of your mouth to turn upwards and illuminate

Your angelic face.

I promise to push myself to make new sacrifices

and do whatever it takes to earn and keep

Your attention.

I wholeheartedly understand that if I do not give tribute to You, oh Supernal One, there are many better slaves to take my place and earn Your unattainable attention. I will make it my daily priority to strive that YOU and YOUR needs and wants always come first, and pray that the day

never comes that I am replaced.